Our philosophy is that the area of personal protection is much more complex than only an "armed citizen", a vault for your social security number or a home alarm system. It involves more than a lethal or non-lethal response capability, but also how to protect your home, identity, family and your well being at a number of threat levels. How to be aware and take action in advance to avoid risk, rather than to be unaware and only able react to it! Personal protection is more complex than is perceived by most individuals. It is about much more than the mere use of a defensive device!

We live in a world where others may have no issue with doing harm to you or your loved ones.

We are based in the Grand Mesa Area of  Colorado. We serve, train, and consult across Western Colorado and Utah.

Colorado West firearms offers Colorado Concealed Handgun (CCW) permit courses. A Colorado resident permit provides you over 34 states of handgun carry coverage. We also offer NRA firearm classes for the beginner to expert shooter in various disciplines. For those desiring more advanced or platform specific training we have other offerings as well.  "Off the shelf" or custom training, e-mail us or call to find out how we can help you.

We work with our clients to grow from a base to provide them a set of training, techniques, strategies and processes to follow to increase their protection level at home, the office and in the uncertain world. Because preparation really does equal confidence.